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    Jazz Mondays at The Crown!

    22:00Jazz Mondays at The Crown!

    Join us every Monday for an evening of relaxing jazz music, the best way to start the week! The band will be playing some classic jazz tunes old and new! Everyone is welcome!

  • di

    Special Beer Evening!

    21:00Special Beer Evening!
    Every week on a Tuesday evening at Cafe The Crown, Special Beer Evening comes around. So whether you´re looking for a new favourite or want to drink your classic poison, join us from 21:00 for a special beer for a special price of just €3! #specialbeertuesdays
  • wo

    OMG! - Open Mic Groningen

    20:00 - 23:00OMG! - Open Mic Groningen

    OMG! This is happening! This is the very first and only English stand-up comedy Open Mic in Groningen! With your host @Nicole Huber running the maze!

    Doors open at 20:00
    Show starts at 20:30

    The northern times about us:

    A show where our well-known Groninger comedians and comedians from all over the world will fill your life with joy.
    It's also a place for amateurs to get on stage and for newcomers to feel comfortable.

    If you are interested in performing drop OMG - Open Mic Groningen a message!

    Our audience is a mix of savvy comedy fans of stand up, curious onlookers finding a new way to spend an evening and students who want to forget about stressful uni-life.
    The point is that all are welcome, and we have fun exploring the art of stand up.

    Come, grab a drink and laugh your way through the week!

    Donation: 2€

  • do

    International Meet-Up!

    21:00International Meet-Up!

    Tonight´s the chance to make some new friends. Are you new in the city? Or have you lived here for years? Come to Café The Crown and enjoy an evening of meeting other internationals from all over the world and maybe even some locals too. Most of our staff are also international too so maybe you share a country or more in common? Join us, everyone is welcome!

  • vr

    Friday Night Live Rock!

    22:00Friday Night Live Rock!

    Friday Night Rock!
    Come visit us every Friday for a night of rock favourites. Enjoy our house band Royal House playing classics from Deep Purple, Pearl Jam and much more! Perfect for young and old alike, if you love rock music, tonights the night for you!

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    Cocktail evening!

    21:00Cocktail evening!

    From now on we will be hosting a Cocktail evening every Saturday night, with the original classic, Cuba Libre and more and even a non-alcoholic mocktail! Join us every Saturday because it's Cocktail O'clock! All cocktails are a special price of only €5