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    OMG! - Open Mic Groningen

    20:00 - 23:00OMG! - Open Mic Groningen

    OMG! This is happening! This is the very first and only English stand-up comedy Open Mic in Groningen! With your host @Nicole Huber running the maze!

    Doors open at 20:00
    Show starts at 20:30

    The northern times about us:

    A show where our well-known Groninger comedians and comedians from all over the world will fill your life with joy.
    It's also a place for amateurs to get on stage and for newcomers to feel comfortable.

    If you are interested in performing drop OMG - Open Mic Groningen a message!

    Our audience is a mix of savvy comedy fans of stand up, curious onlookers finding a new way to spend an evening and students who want to forget about stressful uni-life.
    The point is that all are welcome, and we have fun exploring the art of stand up.

    Come, grab a drink and laugh your way through the week!

    Donation: 2€